User's recommendation: We loved the furniture but lost faith in the company due to the warranty. We found a few things we liked but did not make a purchase. Once again, no call back. She you'd me that I can use the table until January, but I have 2 bulging disc's, as well as a bone spur in my neck. Getting a replacement was a seamless process. As I mentioned, everything is under my roommates name. If you need parts you have to the following 1 call 800 number and explain your problem to people who have no customer service skills 2. Furniture arrives broken = Try again!! Rooms To Go is one of the few furniture stores that offers cribs and nursery furniture so we went there. Register Sign in. I called a independent repairman, he said he could do it for $500. Blog article. Can't wait to go back and get more things. Competitively priced items. BAD BAD BAD !! I then emailed head quarters again to confirm that they have my complaint correct. Rooms To Go Order Status – Track order, parcel shipping status, store order delivery tracking.. We DO NOT recommend the Rooms To Go location in Alafya/434 Waterford location to anyone. Rooms To Go employees earn $41,000 annually on average, or $20 per hour, which is 47% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year.According to our data, the highest paying job at Rooms To Go is a General Store Manager at $80,000 annually while the lowest paying job at Rooms To Go is an Office Associate at $19,000 annually. They will put you through a lot of suffering just to have something nice in your home. User's recommendation: Better communication between people that are scheduling deliveries and costumers specially when is changes made on delivery dates. This location has a wonderful selection and outstanding sales people that give you time to shop and ask questions freely. I wish I had looked at her name tag, because she was very friendly and actually asked how we were doing and if we needed help... just before I left, though). Sep 08, 2020. This in fact, was the second time I was told to call Mr. Evans during a particular time just to find out that he was not at work. More info. I told him I was working and he said that he would take care of this when I made the purchase and if there was ANY problem call him directly. He came and didn't even ask what's going on, he came shouting almost why are you causing trouble in my store, my mother and I tried to explain what's going on and he stated I don't want to hear. I spent over an hour in Rooms to Go and the prices were neither too high or particularly low. He was in Rooms To Go shirt and Rooms to Go van. We were initially deterred from purchasing anything due to an overly aggressive salesman. He didn't bring the missing parts whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere. I spent $3800 and I had to return it as they shipped a couch that had been patched. 150% do not recommend this company to anyone. I told the delivery guys to take them. Save yourself a trip and avoid this place like the plague. Get living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, etc. 100% of the blame is on the company and its protocol for how they handled this situation and took it so lightly when they can very well get in huge legal trouble (that I am currently looking into) about what they did. and still keep safe with social distancing. Rooms To Go requires no down payment equal to sales tax and delivery. COUPON (2 days ago) Rooms To Go Free Shipping Code is provided by for their customers to reduce shipping cost, and it usually avalible for all items.Add the minimum spend to your shopping cart and then the free shipping offer will apply automaticlly.Confirm your order and use the coupons on Rooms To Go Free Shipping Code October … The pros: Variety of name-brand mattresses to choose from that fit most budgets. What was shown was almost $1500. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. The manager Ricky just kept mentioning about canceling the contract though and when asked why, he said if I'm this much of a problem now, I can't imagine when you can't make your payment. I will not be purchasing anything else from rooms to go. Okay man! My husband had to act like a shade so I could sit in the chairs and try them out.. GET SOME TINT on all that glass people. Today's visit to this location showed me that the employees here need a refresher course. The representative that spoke to chandelier my delivery date for January 7, 2020 for both deliveries living room set and a child bedroom set. To be fair, I decided to purchase a small table part way through the visit, in addition to what my roommate was buying. Apply Now Learn More. Which after you have paid, you will get a receipt a few pages long, and on very faded, tiny lettering it says 'return policy'. The chairs are now moldy. Purchased a Mattress with delivery. Almost 3 months and counting and we still don't have furniture as we should. Shortly afterwards we were treated to a disconnected call on the loud speaker followed by a full minute of the busy signal before someone decided to handle the issue and just hang the dang phone up. This outdoor furniture was NOT cheap. Will never shop there again. never again!! WARNING! Me and my wife bought bought our living room set from rooms to go recently, WITH NO ISSUE WHATS SO EVER! COMPANY. However, the guy we worked with still hasn't called us back to help us resolve the problem. He didn't hassle us nor follow us around the store which we liked. Pressure me and all you'll do is pressure me into leaving quickly! Customer service at Rooms to Go is a disgrace and they should be ashamed how they treat members of our military! I explained that I did not feel I should have to wait ANOTHER week for the ottoman. Loose threads all over the pillows. Apply Now Learn More. I was supposed to receive 48 hour notice on time window of delivery, I received a 24 hour notice.2. Messing with people's credit should not be taken lightly and I was not impressed by how this was handled. Had to personally go to the store to get my money refunded. He told us to take a look around the sales floor and if we had any questions to let him know. When we signed the invoice, the crib said partial customer assembly required so we asked about that. The price was great and came in 3-4 different colors. * Fix Your customer care wait times * Educate your drivers to use common sense (Like utilize the keypad) * Don't release a customers order when you have made contact with them * Customer Service should have set-up a "re-delivery date" * Keep better track of records of conversation (So not to insulate that the customer is lying about having a conversation) I would be more then happier to discuss with whomever. This is such bad business...customers deserve more respect than this! A leather sofa should not have these issues after 8 months of use. We are very disappointed by Rooms to Go for their unprofessional handling our purchase as we requested to be compensated for our troubles and time we were laughed at... so we cancelled our purchase. If given a choice in the future, I'd avoid him. Still, some aspects of Ashley Furniture vs. But he agreed to take care of it. 2. Nothing too bad too sad..... they refused! So, apparently this is a problem there as well. Due to heavy volume, all deliveries and in home services are routed by zip codes in order to reach all scheduled customers including express deliveries. So I have called the local rooms to go that I purchased from, and so far I have not gotten any help. RESOLVED. And refused to pick it up. SO if you actually want your furniture delivered in a timely manner with all the pieces or want a store that stands behind their products, I suggest you look else where. They are the worst furniture company. I called our salesman, Anthony, that night, left a message explaining that I would prefer the matchable ottoman rather than the unmatchable one purchased. We didn't even make it thru the door and we were approached by a salesman who I thought was going to literally jump on us. They offer various contemporary styles in seating, outdoor dining, and lounge. Purchased the Carole Court gray sectional spfa. And like I told the salesperson, I'd write a good review if it was a good experience. Rooms to Go have awful customer service. heres some back story; my family and i moved to orlando about two months ago from california. Absolutely terrible! The store it self is great but this really open my eyes on seeing how a manager treats her employees. Also, they arrived 3 hours late, but that was the least important. Everyone who said the delivery is crap is 100% right. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I dropped 6K on two new living sets, trusting you. Even though I love the furniture & our sales people have been awesome, we will think twice before returning & spending our hard earned money with RTG! Delivery service is absolutely horrible. Consumer complaints and reviews about Rooms To Go Richmond, Virginia. Share your voice on My wife showed him where she wanted the crib and he told us that they do not build it and tried to just put the boxed crib down. Rooms To Go offers a variety of sectionals and sofas that match their living room offerings. Left a huge mess on the floor, loud and pounded on the door loud all on camera! After reading all of the bad reviews, I was kinda of apprehensive about going to RTG. Not having a bed is the most frustrating thing. If you guys make it down to RTG look for the "mature" little lady with the positive aura around her. We were helped by Johnny Campagnone, what a great shopping experience was, having him helping us. The only reason I didn't fully check I had to rush to hospital as I just found out my dad has cancer! The lamps came with dented lamp shades.