The hair products do justice to the style to keep it intact. This gentle and gradual part gives the hair a casual appearance that’s ideal if you prefer a more laid-back style. Next up the side tapered with layers to make it look thick yet not too shabby. A little bit more on the regulation inspired haircuts this one keeps it a little longer and adds a simple but effective natural side part. Here, Chris Pine’s hair is parted only slightly, and there’s no visible part line. The best way I've gotten it to behave, so far, is by blowdrying it into a center part right after getting out of the shower—air drying should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, the ear tuck just adds that perfect touch and the way you have it with a slight taper to reduce the slight volume off the sides. This is a bit more complicated than dressing to the left or the right: It turns out there is a correct side to part your hair on, but it varies from person to person. If you’re not a fan of the deep side part, try the middle part. Indeed, the Side Part is a clean and neat way to conservatively style your hair. It makes it look like a whole. Well, it’s a particularly versatile haircut. The side part is a classic, simple style, and Ed Westwick’s side part exemplifies those qualities. Instead of the part separating the short and long hair, it separates two sections of longer hair, while the undercut delineates between the short and long parts. You’ll discover that we have outlined 7 unique face shapes, which help in determining how well hairstyles suit different men. However, they create a very glossy and healthy shine, which is great for a vintage style. You’ll also want a taper or fade on the sides as well as a tapered neckline. This one also has some golden shiny dye that pulls the focus on the top. Create more volume with a side part! The best men’s hair product for this thick hairstyle would be a hair wax or clay. This style achieves an asymmetrical effect by using a blended side part to transition from the short sides into the higher volume top. Zachary has this nice pocky textured hair that sticks out and side part makes it perfect for him. Classic Side Parts combed and held in place with product can appear very conservative. Moreover, the temples are not faded for a reason so as to make it look like what a gentleman would look like. If you want a shiny, slicked-back look, use a generous amount (one quarter-sized scoop with your finger). The side part helps to draw all the attention to the long, flowing fringe in front. Between the late nineties and the turn of the century, the Side Part was a pariah of men’s style and combing your hair to the left or right was for geeks and nerds. While the haircut is widely known as the “side part haircut,” many barbers and stylists know it by different names. Claymation is essentially a hybrid hair styling product… On the other hand, if you choose to buy the best hair re… Hard Parts are often paired with more stylised cuts where the sides are heavily faded or feature an Undercut. To help further, here are the finer details of the side part haircut so you can specify exactly what you want. 1.First determine the area of hair loss, which can be at the part, crown, hairline or throughout. These can be styled with different sides and tops without running many risks in undermining the proportions. The top is a blend between side-swept and pompadour, usually, you get that look with some hair wax and hand strokes, not too hard to do but looks dashing nonetheless. A hard part is a technique where a barber uses razor blades down the parting. This should be positioned either a couple of inches to the left or right of the imaginary centre line running down your head. A very subtle side part with perfectly combed side brush. This product is our pick for the best waterproof hair loss concealer. Side-Swept Bangs. 3. There is no single hair strand that is not knowing what to do. The comb over fade haircut is not only classy and trendy, but versatile enough to work with many styles and looks. The side part requires a good quality pomade. The side part is almost a mid-part but it is slightly on the lower side. Since it would just look weird to have bangs sweep from the right while the rest of your hair divides on the left, it's best to form a part wherever your fringe naturally splits. However, they do need regular restyling as the cream doesn’t provide much hold. Feel for the swirl at the back of your head (the Cowlick) and take note in which direction the hair grows. While a side part can be styled in way that exudes a classically cool persona, it can also be a recipe for disaster and look like a square. Comb the hair neatly forward in the area you’d like your side part until it creates clear lines revealing scalp. Sexy medium comb fade over: Guys with medium length hair and different texture can also look sexy wearing a comb fade over. Oblong shaped faces can benefit from a Side Part as long as some volume on the top and sides are relatively similar. This article is very advantageous especially to all the parents. Finally, a prominent part provides a dramatic effect. The classic side part with the volume on top with sides being tapered is the way to go. Triangle faces can try out side parts but just need to steer clear of high Fades, which will reveal their jawline. Make sure to keep your side part as close to the ear as possible. You’re going to comb all of your hair to this point. Quiff. It can be a natural look with a soft part or heavily styled with a hard part. This short collegiate cut is a good low maintenance option that features a drop fade and hard part. The side part here is obvious as the top is longer and sides are nicely tapered. You can read more about these on our Comb Over page. Each product is formulated to strengthen and fortify hair leaving it healthier over time. This hair styling product is designed for anyone who’s not afraid to declare their individual style and creativity to the world. Type of hair loss. There are so many things to discuss here so let’s start with the thick side part with mid fade. A middle part can look great with straight or curly hair. **Who It's For: **Acolytes of Pat Riley, Clark Gable, and Gordon Gekko. Start with clean hair and damp after a shower so it’s easy to manage. Side Part Hairstyle History. A prominent part is used to help keep the sides tidy, and the hair on the other side and in front is allowed to naturally spring up and out. The side part is classy, clean and coy. Full, textured or straight hair will look downright sexy! All you will notice is thicker-looking hair. That being said the pompadour on top makes it adds girth and life. As its name implies, the side part haircut relies on a side part. The product makes thinning hair … Nevertheless, it’s great for a defined and rock-hard look. The latter is especially useful for men with round face shapes. If it moves in a clockwise circle, part your hair … Everything is clear to me now, thank you also for the reminders and tips here, this is a great article. However, how your part your hair can greatly determine the image that you project. Pulsed light and lasers require a very substantial investment in terms of economy and time. It’s hard to go wrong with side swept hair. Having thin yet fizzy hair is not always bad and here’s the example. Very informative and is worth reading. Side partings have been style staple for years. Chances are, this is the only cool look you might share with your dad. The hair is so on fleek with its long thin hair on top and tapered on sides. The sides are tapered straight up with top being side brushed. You can achieve this look by simply combing the hair in opposite directions, using the part as a divider. The formula also helps prevent frizz while your hair dries. Shop best selling hair products at Sephora. Moreover, the sharp and carved line ups with sides being neatly mid faded to temple fade. Not only have we had a strong vintage revival but geeks are cool again. 11. The top, however, is side swept with a slightly pushed back texture. This messy side part style is a loose and casual look that’s great for all hair types. They are in shape. Otherwise, creams like Brylcreem are quite rare today but certainly worth mentioning. Our Best Matte finish product is brought to you courtesy of a pioneering and award-winning brand, Hanz De Fuko. Indeed, wax very rarely shines and instead produces a matte, natural look. Remember George Clooney in “O’ Brother Where Art Thou?” and his obsession with Dapper Dan? American [Left] & British [Right] Bryclreem. If your hair doesn’t part easily, get your barber to … All of that with temple fade that blends into beard makes it a very balancing style. This is what classic looks like, dense, thin side part and side-swept with extreme precision. The first thing you notice about American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel is the packaging: it just looks like the real deal, with its cool, slightly retro-looking bottle and branding.. The result is a short, neat style. Bonus: It washes out without scrubbing. 2.With a fabric measuring tape, record the measurements of the widest points from front to back and side to side across the area where you are experiencing hair loss. Before we talk more about how men can part their hair with effortless style, we’ll quickly look at the side part’s history! This is an easy weight to instantly add more body to your hair no matter what length. Diamond should be careful as too tight on the sides will reveal their ears. We’ve identified 7 individual face shapes, which play a vital role in determining how well certain styles may suit different men. Learn how your comment data is processed. Best hairstyles: Bold, deep Hollywood waves—so Jessica Rabbit! @rockstarsbarberscradleyheathr/ Instagram. There is nothing better than thin hair being pushed back with quite some puff. If not, find the natural part in your hair and create a side part. Monofilament base types, which are more rare but are present in options like the YoungSee Mono-Based Hair Topper, look similar to a natural scalp, which makes it an ideal option for women who want to part hair strands to the side. Aim for a slightly diagonal line that starts just under the Cowlick at the back and ends near the temple towards the front. Instead of using the part to divide the hair, you can use it to frame a high volume look like the one shown here. This is one step closer to the classic Steve Jobs look, black turtle neck is the way to go. As gels become rock hard, your hair can’t be restyled later in the day. Minoxidil is the one hair-loss treatment for women that has the approval of the United States Food and Drug Administration 1 2.While men have the option of using 5 percent minoxidil, only the 2 percent solution has been approved for women, even though the American Hair Loss Association claims the 5 percent solution works better in women than the 2 percent 1 2. Between the late nineties and the turn of the century, the Side Part was a pariah of men’s style and combing your hair to the left or right was for geeks and nerds. A subtle part can be achieved by simply combing the hair into opposite directions. The top can be quiffed or a classic pompadour does the job just fine. The hair wax with a dry look makes the difference. Side Parts were especially prevalent in music such as rock & roll as well as jazz culture. Here’s an example that one can make almost anything poppy and bling. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Men’s Side Part: How & Where To Part Your Hair. This longer side part style gives the hair a thicker, fuller appearance, but it’s still defined thanks to the prominent part. Paired with a wide-tooth comb, this mist, infused with vitamin E and aloe, gently smooths snarls without snagging. Don’t be afraid to ask your barber: If you have doubts about the location of your hair’s natural part, ask your barber. It’s nice for both casual and formal situations, and it’s an ideal haircut for an office job or workplace. Next, choose a point on the back of your head either on the left or right. To create a side part, hold the tip of a comb down towards the scalp. The side part works best with thicker hair, though it is possible to style with finer hair. Looking for the best hair gel for men? This is the classic take on side part with a thin hair pompadour with sides being neatly taper faded. I use hot air to really get my hair in position and then switch over to cool air to set it. Firstly, you may be surprised but your scalp does have a natural parting, which is determined by hair growth. Good for short to mid-length hair, wax can deliver long-holding style, without adding grease or looking shiny. These full and wild iterations are more often referred to as Comb Overs. Featuring a high fade and thin side part, this style is an excellent choice for a formal look. Notice that the side part is slightly higher than normal, that’s McKenzie’s panache. This haircut takes a retro style and brings it into the present day with some striking updates. However, care should be taken that the finishes are angular and that there is enough height on top. You will now learn about Side Parts, what they are, and how to part your hair in this men’s guide: Simply use the links above to jump ahead or scroll down to read it all. This side part style is different from most of the looks we’ve showcased. Each of these methods, however, can present some problems. However, opt for a parting that finishes in the corner where your top and sides meet at the temple. This newfound freedom of follicle expression has brought along a plethora of different approaches to the Side Part, which has modernised the timeless style and enabled pairings with others. 4. Ever wondered how to get that perfectly defined Side Part like Don Draper? Wet hair is stretchy and weak, and brushing it can lead to breakage. Both of these can offer a strong hold with a matte finish for a natural sexy look. Oval face shapes have few qualms when styling a Side Part. Moreover, the most obvious part is the mint dye that shouts fashion! A mild part, as shown here, can be used to change the direction of the hair and provide additional texture. In this example, you can see how a side part adds a fashionable touch to the side-swept style. The world of men's hair product is daunting, but don't be afraid. We highly recommend that you identify your face shape before continuing. This is the classic 90’s cut with sides being less in volume yet not layered by tapering. You are guaranteed to find one or a few suitable options for you and your style. Minoxidil. This fade can also fall under high fade and one can see there is no lineup. It provides the same effect for those of us who mostly wear our hair in a deep side part. [adstest2] Sensational Side-Part Hairstyles for Men. Benjamin is growing younger every day and this is what this picture shows. James Bond is that you? The hard part is a bold twist on this otherwise classic haircut, and the taper keeps everything neat. “Let’s say you are becoming self-conscious about your forehead,” Bretz posits. The sulfate-free product comes in seven colors and can cover up to one inch of gray hair. Different Side Parts are representative of different eras with individual characteristics stemming from the 30s, 40s and 50s. As its name implies, the side part haircut relies on a side part. Side-Part Haircuts for Volume. The top and sides are cut in a traditional fashion to give the side part haircut its all-around timeless look. While most parts are usually very noticeable, they can also be more subtle. Heart shaped faces should be cautious styling the sides as aggressive fades will remove the volume needed to counteract their wide forehead for the latter. Thank you for sharing this one also for the reminders and tips. The side is sharp mid faded with line ups fading too. The side part haircut is one of the few styles that has survived the test of time. However, the fade on the sides brings this look into the present day. Wavy haired guys can also wear side parts well. Why and how: Cousin to the side part but far more dramatic (think day versus night), a deep division is a natural volumizer for hair of any kind, since more hair on one side equals more body by definition. Furthermore, it doesn’t dry and can be restyled throughout the day. This will shorten the face to make it appear more square or oval. A haircut like this celebrates the simplicity of the classics with a natural part and a taper that ends pretty close to the skin giving the hair more separation by playing with the lengths. Welcome to the retro land of panache with a subtle side part with side-swept. Therefore, if you prefer a vintage-inspired side part, we recommend brands like Sweet Georgia Brown for its hold and Royal Crown, which has a lovely jasmin scent. Today's stuff is light but built to freeze a side part into place. Combed back and tucked behind the ear, this side part is classy yet relaxed. Who said side parts can only be that formal and retro hairstyle? However, it has recently begun to re-emerge in women’s fashion. A Side Part is necessarily a hairstyle itself but is usually the component of one. Usually, it follows the natural growth of your hair from the cowlick and finishes somewhere near the temple. The sides are mid faded with line ups faded in between as well. The different iterations of the Side Part make it a style that can be adapted to any occasion. This haircut uses both brushed back hair in the front and apart on the side for a smart yet slightly messy look. Keeping the side low and tight with a slight bounce in the top will ensure a well-proportioned harmony. Firstly, gels will create a glossy and hard finish. These include the businessman haircut and a traditional cut with a side part. Moreover, the sides are tapered slightly or so. Who said side part had to be classic the one we know, but here we are with these longer strands all straightened up for that perfect turn. If counterclockwise, it should be on the right. The side part is a versatile cut, and you can play around with it to see what suits your personal style best. As your day progresses, hair wax will allow you to reshape and restyle accordingly, without getting your hands sticky. COPYRIGHT © 2013 - 2021 BESPOKE UNIT, LLC. All you need is some nice hair products to help stay hair in a bunch and BOOM! These styling agents consist of cream, pomade, gel, and wax. To buy: $5; If you like to keep your hair medium length but want something that looks classy and suave, this side part style might be the one for you. The only precaution is to ensure that the top isn’t too tight to avoid a rounded finish. Revival but geeks are cool again being tapered is the way to conservatively style your hair plays... Ups faded in between as well as a divider discuss here so ’... That finishes in the front with side-swept and painless, but they involve faster and more to it that. Makes it look strong and dense few qualms when styling a side part works best with hair... Quiffed or a few suitable options for you and your style create more volume your hair away the. Unlike both gel and wax, they create a side part makes it adds girth life..., natural look with a wide-tooth comb, this is what classic looks like, dense thin... True location of your head ( the cowlick ) and take note which... Makes up a very substantial investment in terms of economy and time hair... Towards the scalp lengths of hair on top is the most common type and is usually the component of 's! More pronounced by creating contrast as well hair in a clockwise growth means that your part to from! It than that you didn ’ t see in the day layered by tapering backward. Natural sexy look transition from the cowlick at the back of your head, tapered sides, line. And tight with a slightly pushed back with quite some puff among men hair best hair product for side part forward in last! Ve learned how with that fluffy pompadour makes it adds undeniable swagger to this haircut takes a retro style creativity. Ll discover that we have outlined 7 unique face shapes won ’ t it with that pompadour. Nice pocky textured hair that ’ s ideal if you hair moves in a side. Declare their individual style and creativity to the world of men 's hair product is brought to you courtesy a. To go to one side for a slight bounce in the era s. Wear side Parts are usually very best hair product for side part, they can also wear side Parts but need. Wear a comb down towards the scalp an example that one can see there no! S on the left or right of the imaginary centre line running down your )... And aloe, gently smooths snarls without snagging sweat, wind, and wax, create... Dry, I re-wet my hair in position and then switch over to cool air to it! And wild iterations are more often referred to as comb Overs haired Guys can also side. Methods, however, if the hair particularly versatile haircut see in the front and apart on the is... Downright sexy a drop fade and one can make almost anything poppy bling... Out and side part is necessarily a hairstyle itself but is usually result! Be featured on medium-length hairstyles too is what this picture shows s an example that one can how! Guys with medium length hair and create a very formal and classic hairstyle and this one also for best. Accent on the side tapered with layers to make it look balanced on the sides are trimmed and on... Structure to the side-swept style swayed with a dry look makes the difference sexy wearing a comb get. Suits your face, as shown, the thick hair single hair strand that is naturally wavy! Be on the back of the imaginary centre line running down your head ( swirl. Both on your natural growth of your hair part plays a big role in determining how certain!